Monday, March 1, 2010

stretching my painting today

Hello. I am stretching my large painting today at BWAC and will check in later with my progress.

So it went well and the painting is stretched. The place was bigger than I remembered which is always nice. I managed to find a central location to spread out under this intense heat source form above, perfect I was down to a t-shirt and that is good for stretching. I borrowed a ladder which I forgot that I needed of course. I am stretching something that is far taller than I am. It is a very physical thing and maybe this is my peak because I feel like the recent prepping in the studio have been really easy physically. Whatever, I don't have to assume that it is negative thing. I am healthy today and will most likely be tomorrow. Wow I'm losing me. I pity you.

The painting looked good although it was cropped in a way that broke my heart but it had to be stretched and 84"x84" is big enough. I can barely pick it up so that must be the cut off point for me. I am about to make some smaller paintings and I look forward to it.

The travel back from Red Hook was not as enjoyable as the trip there and I'll leave it there. I did pass Sigourney Rd. or Ave. passed Ikea sadly.

The photo is a view of my studio last year the paintings were completed and I have all new primed panels. I put a sheet of plastic over two of the paintings and then stretched second layer of canvas. I figure it's better than taking them down and rolling them, right now anyway.

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