Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday, Wednesday, facebook

Hello. I am back continuing yesterday's post. I feel like facebook has taken me away from my bog which does not make me happy. I enjoy both layouts but I am certainly partial to my blog. I am represented on many sites and they seem to improve with very little effort on my end. Just submitting the info. My own site is the most boring but it is easy and I do it. I try to simplify and edit as much as possible and keep it just personal enough.

I did go out today to check out a hotel that my sister is staying in when she and Claude come and celebrate their anniversary which is the weekend of my reception March 13th. It was good to get out and get some air. I can not be in my apartment all the time. I had the opportunity this week to see some galleries. I did get things accomplished regarding networking so that is good. Tomorrow is Friday and the week flew by. I may be going to Red Hook to see about installing my painting or just what is happening there. So far I've met some two nice members of this group of artists, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition. a photographer named Gary Heller,

Hello. So I am trying to connect and build up my list of friends on facebook. As most of my friends know I am not the best at staying in touch. I am treating this as a networking tool and it is challenging. Anyway, off to get some air, take a walk and get some lunch.

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