Friday, March 5, 2010

Sat. out in the country and in the studio. Friday dreary day in NYC heading to the country later

Hello. I've re-discovered April Gornik and I recommend checking out her site. The large paintings are amazing. I've only gotten through the new and recent large paintings and I'm blown away. All my favorite locations painted huge with big emotions. Rock fucking on. Oops that's why I have rude content warning.

I am happy to be back in the studio and see that the last bit of work that I did is pleasing to me. my show invitation

I installed my painting at the juried show in Red Hook yesterday and met some very nice people. I was given a beautiful wall that has everything, great light, room to stand back and views from a distance which is always great for large paintings. So that is that and I am off.

I am very happy regarding facebook and the connections that I am able to make. So happy to have my studio and radio what luck. Don't I sound annoyingly gay and happy? If you could see me in my studio clothes with a scarf around my neck, plaid draw string flannel bottoms from my Mom for Christmas to keep my ass warm. Isn't that the sweetest gift? How's that for way to much information? I'm into revealing and keeping it real and I will deny this after I delete it.


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