Monday, March 8, 2010

back in the city for the week.

I forget the painter's name to the left. She currently has a show up on 7th Ave. @ 20th st. I've posted Her on earlier posts if you are interested. She makes brilliant I mean BRILLIANT self portraits, painter and sculptor. It is annoying actually that someone could be so skillful. Pardon me. The one to the right is about half of one of my big paintings from 2009 one of the first really abstract landscapes.

Hello. I am back in the city and wrapping up some loose ends before heading out to the country for an extended period. I am in a real funk and need to get over it. It is a beautiful day, if that were all it took to make me happy that would be great but alas no. Why do I feel totally out of energy? Could it be the drag of watching the Academy Awards show? It really could be.

I am working on some new paintings which I am very excited about. They have a lot of energy which is more than I can say for myself right now. I need to make a pot of coffee, do some stretching and get on with the day. Not that I have been sitting around doing nothing mind you I just feel like a zombie.

I did make some changes on my site over the weekend but when you click on an image for a slide show the previous group of paintings come up which is not right but at least I made some revisions and it looks better. Onward and upward.

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