Monday, March 8, 2010

so I guess it is an adult blog

This is a detail of a large painting. It is one of my favorite passages in my recent work. This painting is now covered and I have a new one on top as I have gone on about in past posts. Wow past posts. That is a scary thought that if one pondered they would probably change their behavior. Pondering past posts that is. Way to late. So that is that.

I am trying to figure out show deadlines so I can try to put the shit out there. Can you imagine?!? hustling, pushing my insanely large paintings till there is no life in me. Oh my the drama. I love everyone. Well almost many. I love Kristen Wiig from SNL. Roger Federer of course. Don't ask me where that came from. Of course I could watch Him play for ever. He is so beautiful to watch that He can almost bring tears well maybe He can actually. So yes thinking about deadlines and announcement mailings.

I just went into my past blog posts and the one that I landed on was a few days after my Dad died in Dec. 08. Wow what a chance thing right? Of all the dates that one was especially sobering as it goes to a very emotional time for me. Definitely the high strung one in the family. That's me. Anyway, it's a little scary that it is all out there but at the same time I think this blog was a part of my healing. I had to continue right? I couldn't just stop. How sweet. Okay here we go. C U later.

Hello. Which means I can not take away my adult warning which I realize can be a deal breaker with some people. You see I can never be sure of what is going to come out of my mouth or what story I will be bursting, have to tell. Good coffee and being in the city is strange. The sounds of the city are amazing, through the glass window on the fourteenth floor. Bad muffler just went down town. In the country my studio is in the basement so I can hear nothing which is blissful as well.

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