Saturday, February 13, 2010

This is a gratitude post.

So here I am back and just about finishing up making oatmeal cookies with raisins and walnuts and they are good I like them but they have a cake texture as opposed to crunchy cookie texture. I love bread so it is fine with me. That is the thing with baking unless you are good you never know what the outcome will be. Listening to the radio and just very happy that I pulled myself away from the TV.

Hello. I can very easily go to a miserable ungrateful place. But for this once I am going to try to think about all there is to be happy about. If you were here you would have noticed the pause at the end of that thought. So I am getting a little attention for a couple of paintings and that is wonderful. I want to be in the studio but without going to far I will say that I am rather tired and instead sitting with you for a while. Thinking that maybe if I sit with it for a bit I really will get the gratitude that will help me get the energy to move.

I have the Olympics on mute and it is a very positive thing to watch so if anything can talk me off the ledge it's a bunch of over achieving kids. Oops. See how easy it is for me to be nasty. Not at all a challenge like the Olympics. So there you have it.

The weather is really winter like and tiresome I have to say. Not much to do about that though. How do nice people do it all the time?

So I have two coats of primer on a new canvas, having new surfaces to work on or contemplate is always a nice feeling. I found myself googling Mark Bittman sugar cookie recipes because I know I have sugar, flour, and everything I need for sugar cookies. Do I need cookies? No of course not. I could make oatmeal cookies which would be a better decision as there are raisins and nuts and oats. I think I may do it. Cooking can be therapeutic. We shall see.

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