Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Valentine's Day

I wanted to put something red and this seems to be the only red one I have. It does not read easy valentine wish but I think it does have some passion so...

Hello. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there. That translates to: I hope there is someone in life that is special to you and thinks you are special. So much pressure around this foolish day really. I do not know or really care about its origins, if it makes someone notice someone else that they may have been taking for granted than it s a worthwhile day. I remember in elementary school making little card valentine's, they were very sweet. What am I trying to say, just reminiscing I guess.

My favorite phrase: "I guess"

My valentine is in sunny Florida with two good friends. I did not want to go as I have been away so much and need to get things done. Luckily I made that decision as there are preparations to make with my sublet and the group show install this weekend, the 19th of February.

I have procrastinated in asking a friend about borrowing his van for the install. I have to do this today so I can think of another option if it does not work. My old fear of asking for what I want.

So after I finish with this post I am committing to getting down on the floor and doing a good stretch session. Beginning with jumping jacks to warm up the body and get the blood moving. Right now my laptop is resting on a couple of pounds that have collected in the stomach region. They are very comfortable there and it is up to me to do something. I have a pair of great, vintage, brand new, not made anymore Levi jeans. If I keep this up I will never be able to wear them. I had them on the other day in my apartment and they look great. That was the other day. Today (luckily they are in the city so I can not try them on) they would not fit. That is how easily my body fluctuates. I also have to add that I have not done any exercise tennis or stretching in a few days. I have been busy, making cookies and flatbreads but that mixed with hanging out in the studio, sitting in front of the television is not really the best regime for thirty inch waist jeans. Not at fifty. So this morning will hopefully reverse all trends. Maybe there will be a time when I will let it all go. I can't imagine but it does sound freeing.

If I could cut flour from my diet for just a couple of weeks I would be able to see if it makes a difference in all aspects of life. My energy level I expect would increase. I've known all of this information my whole life but have I ever tried to change my diet. No. To the contrary, I know it, think it and forget it while I'm going to the kitchen to make cookies. I know it while I'm parking the car at the grocery store, think it, and forget it when I put the chocolate chips, flour, butter, brown sugar in the cart. One good thing, well many good things I make great cookies, it is better than buying them. There is love going into them. My baby loves my chocolate chip cookies more than me. I've accepted this. I'm rambling. Anyway, It's all relative and I do see that it is not the worst thing in the world but I do and have had body issues my whole life. I get the person who looks at themselves in the mirror and sees a reflection that may be not what they want or one that is real but is absolutely fine and healthy. It doesn't matter what others say it's how you feel about yourself that forms your opinion about your body. I have to accept that I can have the body I want but that means that I have to do certain things every day. This is not such a big deal. I've never really thought about it in these terms. Some people hire a coach to keep them in shape, some hire a cook to make proper meals. I have to try to manage it myself. It really just means doing the work for fifteen to twenty minutes a day. That's it. Putting all vanity aside it is about health. I feel so much better when I am at my best.

I will be able to create well into my senior years if I do some simple things now. Things that are in my power, costing nothing but using common sense and making healthy choices. Accepting that I like to do some things that many feel not the most healthy. Coffee. Others will go unmentioned thank you very much, I need some secrets. And details can be boring so I will spare you.

Who am I writing to. Isn't this the craziest concept in the world. I guess if we wait a minute something else will come along and make this seem old fashioned. I guess knowing that there are a few people who read me from time to time I an visualize their faces and that is my audience. All I can say is I better get some new thoughts, ideas or I'll lose their custom. As Judge Turpin said. If you don't know musical theatre that reference was wasted on you. Criminal.

So back to art. I am very lucky. I have the freedom to make things that I want to make and not worry about whether people will like them. That is a huge part of any success. On that note I am going to get on with my own private Valentine's Day.


  1. You've been changing your art at the top of your blog. I love the colors in this one. What is the name of it? (Pat)

  2. Hi. Thanks for checking in. It is a detail form a large painting that I call "Liquid Landscape" It just has a liquid quality to me. It's funny that sometimes words can stick when I am making something or thinking of titles and this one never left. I like the word, liquid.

  3. Hey Pat I did not make the connection. Duh. How are you? Thanks for checking in. I love that we are in touch. It is a small detail of a large painting that one day I may enlarge as I love it myself. Take care, Mark