Saturday, February 13, 2010

i wonder why it is so hard to make the healthy choice all the time It is official I can talk about his as I have had contact and we are in agreement. My large "Golden Imagined Landscape" will be in the Wide Open Art Show. There will also be at least one 16"x20" Abstract Landscape maybe three. It is my first juried show acceptance and I am very pleased although it involves some grunt work on my part it will be amazing to see the painting public for a few weeks and I am thrilled. Excuse me while I post this info on facebook. It is a known fact that more people see facebook than my blog. I don't know don't ask me?

Hello. I often make the right healthy choice but sometimes I repeatedly make the easier, self medicating choice. Like that second candy bar. Listen I'm not about torture or denial regarding cravings in life, clearly. At this point what is the point but from a healthy quality of life stand point it is wise to stop and think about how I will feel later and then ask myself is that what I want to do? Get the point?

The book that I am making for my mother took a turn that felt forced and not as inspired yesterday. I rethought and made a different decision and then things started rolling and I made some really great choices. It is shaping up and getting close to completion. I am going to continue with the book idea it seems to be the way I am thinking. It makes sense in a way the desire to get things in order together. Putting things that I have saved together, consolidating. getting rid of things that don't make the cut. How judgemental. Anyway it does make sense if you know me at all. And if so I apologize.

Okay my point earlier about healthy choices came from a very shallow place. As I have some paintings in a show and there is a reception coming up I realize I will be a little public and if I want to feel on top of it I better start now well two years ago but now is all I have.

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