Tuesday, February 23, 2010

rainy day in NYC

Found out that a good friend may be blogging, I look forward to his thoughts. He cares for people, outspoken against war and the destruction of our planet.

This is one of two paintings that will be in the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition First Annual Group Show titled "Wide Open" they are 16"x20" and will hang with art that is all priced under $500. I also have a large painting 84"x84" titled "Golden Imagined Landscape" which is in the show. View the link below for more info.


Hello. I am very happy for some rain in spite of the fact that I need to do some errands. I am all for anything that washes the funk away from these sidewalks. The city, like us needs a bath as often as possible.

I am preparing for another monthly sublet and arranging more of my personal things. I realize how much stuff I have and it is not so nice. I have things that are hard to get rid of. I really do not want to get rid of old ArtForum magazines even though I may not refer to them for a long time. They are/were expensive and the best reference for current issues so that solves that. I am freeing up shelves for them and also rearranging my books to free up another shelf. This is very exciting stuff I know. Later.

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  1. So strange that you should make a comment today about rain. My own blog for today is also about water what a small world. I wissh you well in the show.