Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love for no reason
The above link explains a term that for me is worth understanding. "SEO"

Hello. Here I sit in the studio on Sunday afternoon. I am surrounded by three of my large panels prepped with four coats of primer. Normally I would paint five coats but I am forcing myself to be content with four. Three are enough for most but I would not feel good with that. Four is pushing it. I have to sand though and that may make we want another coat, we shall see.

Monet of course. I think if this were the end of painting it would have been enough.

I am listening to a radio program about black slaves praying for freedom. "Children of Children Keep Coming" It is a very moving bit of narration, poetry and singing. Very Theatrical. "This is a land of democracy why must we wait for freedom". Men of the 54.

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