Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back in the studio overnight early morning

Saw this painting and loved it. The jpeg reads Burch...I am going out on a limb and thinking Burchfield. I will look into it and get back. I can't figure it out but I feel like I should delete it suddenly I get paranoid. Well I hope someone gets to see this great, scary painting before I delete it. After all it is scary right? A charcoal sky and what looks like a black tree. The foreshortening of the road is so obvious that it doesn't even make you think about it. Really subtle brilliant simplicity. Thursday night Jazz with Eddie German?? I love him. He is amazing. I find him intriguing like I find Judy Garland intriguing. He is bigger than life on the radio. I just can't believe that someone is capable of a radio show for a couple of hours playing lots of music all recorded on this date in the past. Does that make sense. Tonight He is playing music all recorded February 18th back in the sixties or whenever. Got it? :) Oh no a smiley face. I need more coffee. I have more lights in my studio than should be acceptable. But I need them. When I think of the energy in every way required to make paintings. So annoying but nothing to do about it. If I'm going to continue making the things and at this point that is a stupid thought and bad timing. Wow. Rambling. Not editing myself tonight. That does not mean that i edit myself. Okay I do that's it it's out. I don't edit myself enough some might say.

I've written a lot of blogs so far and not nearly as many as millions of people but anyway, I've put a lot out there. I still don't know what the fascination is with me apart from the need to make my presence known. It really sounds so egotistical but it doesn't come from that place. Maybe desperate. I have to say I feel so lucky. Not for the fact that I have to drive my huge painting to Red Hook in the morning but I do feel lucky to have been accepted to this show and look forward to seeing one of my new paintings stretched for the first time. Even though it is a lot of work getting to and from for my fifty year old head that is. I've been driven my whole life and suddenly I'm driving myself from East Hampton to Red Hook Brooklyn, installing and then to the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I am certainly familiar with a lot of the ride, it's Red Hook that will be the adventure. Pity the fool. Anyway, did someone say coffee...

Hello. Yes back in the studio preparing for the morning, prepping canvas and actually dabbling with paint and enjoying myself. It has been a while since I've picked up a brush but it seems like just the right time to get back to work. the last paintings that I made were all large and took up my studio and now I have a new studio with three large panels stretched with canvas and nearly all prepped all very white. Like my studio in the city. I've done some good cleaning and painting so the walls look fresh and white.

I am without a printer so I've written out my google map which is important as I am on a road trip to Red Hook in the morning. I really like my paintings which is what I want to say when I thought of my blog. It feels like such a healthy thing. But seriously though the money I've spent to make all the art in my life so far is huge in comparison to the sales. I do wish that could turn around at some point.

I wrote a couple of sentences that some how disappeared. Oh well. Jamie Cullum, a great singer. Wow. At Monterrey.

Title for painting, "Blackheart"

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