Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let it go. Move on. Get the focus

Some things need to be told.

This writing is out of sequence. I had to write about and incredible thing. My painting that went to Sweden from USPS when it arrives it will be taken to Bukowski's where it will be stretched by experts who deal with art. So I was so overwhelmed that it happened as I worried about the fate of the painting. You never know what can happen when you give up power. So yes I am in the studio and about to start taking down a large painting. A dedication to Alexander McQueen with this painting of mine "Golden Imagined Landscape" It looks crazy/adventurous enough to look like him if I can flatter myself. I new very little about McQueen but will know more no doubt as time goes on. He was legendary already at forty. I'm putting Golden Imagined Landscape at the top of my blog Maybe. Wow just made the change and the landscape works very well even not centered.

Pink Kitty

Hello. Imagine writing so much about something you know very little. Speaking of John Mayer, I really know very little about the story. I will have to eventually read it but the thought is so gross to me at this point in time.

I am back in the studio where it is getting warmer and I am settling in. The music is invigorating is that good or not. I guess good. It gets the blood going. I have been out in the country for a couple of hours and settled in. I have to start removing staples from the large painting. Which in case you were wondering wether or not it was fun. It's really not. If you've done one you've literally done a million. So I'll put some gloves on and start pulling. See you later.

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