Thursday, February 11, 2010

anonymous commenting, it's a choice i guess

Hello. Someone clicked on one of my posts and didn't leave a note. I have the feeling they might have been selling something. If that is the case wouldn't you assume they would write something. My thought for the day. "If you are going to take the time to do something do it with conviction. Stand up and be counted"

OK so let me state here that I am aware that I do not do things in order, proper sequence on my blog. So why should "my" blog be different from "my" life which is pretty amazing I must say. I have a lot of gratitude for my life. At fifty, I digress.

Last night (I didn't get to sleep at all no, no, no, the sleeping pill I took was just a waste of time. I couldn't close my eyes cause you were on my mind. I love Marilyn MaCoo)(just in case you were wondering if I am gay I put that to rest while aging myself I might add) while walking down to John's I stopped into this gallery on Seventh Ave. called Lyons Wier Gallery the show that is up is a woman whose name I can't think of right now, love the back button, TERRI THOMAS, is the painter "Hedone" is the title of the show, from Texas around forty-ish and can she paint. They are crazy self-portraits, full figure totally nude. She has a beautiful body and is not afraid to show any of it. They are slick and gorgeous with birds and butterflies and diamond sequence all over the place. She is one of a twin and there is a piece that has two Deer heads with full antlers mounted on the wall, like traditional trophies. Life size with one antler joined so they are connected, they are covered with shimmery silver stuff and then covered with white diamond like sequence so they sparkle. It is not an original idea (what is? by the way, bitch) but Hers have more feeling that many other similar studded sculpture. There are 3-d sparkly butterflies agian life size mounted with pins to the wall and diamond studs on nipples all over the place. I guess they are all specimens. The Women, the Deer Heads, the pin mounted Butterflies. The one painting on the sites homepage and my post, has a white peacock and that about says it all. She is brilliant! And if I were a collector with unlimited funds I would definitely get one of Her paintings. Her attention to detail is matched by Her skill. There is a relief quality to the paint in certain areas which makes them more personal and beautiful in person. They are more than could ever be reproduced. This is a painter who puts her shit on the canvas and that is one reason they are more than just nudes.

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