Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tomorrow stretching for well being move the body

Hello. I'm going to burn some sage and preform my little ritual to rid the studio of my negativity. The house is to young to have ghosts. I don't think the land is to young. Wow, I wonder what this land was like four hundred years ago. I saw five or six deer walk in a line in the snow today foraging through the snow, tough times. I don't think the deer were here. I thought that I heard something about Roosevelt or someone bringing them here. I guess they could have come of their own free will, being hunted is not free will. Oh right, sage.

Back in EH and in the studio with the laptop. A very wise man said get the computer out of the studio but there are days when that rule has to be flexible. Even writing this post is part of the big picture. How's that for the most arrogant bit of crap? It really only helps me. Well for me that is. I can't help myself I'm in everything.

The music on 88.7 Montauk & Ct. is amazing right now. That's all there is to say. I can't remember hearing a DJ in the recent half hour if that. It's been a continuous mix of trippy, heady music with some vintage Stevie Wonder, Eno and heavy Rock instrumentals, steel guitar? could be Led Zepplin or Zeppelin, Don't know what I am talking about. Later.

So this guy is now playing a musician named Don something for the remaining half hour of his radio show. Before He started with Don's music He played Mr. Roger's closing song. It's such a good feeling to know your alive... right to the very end...by just your being you. It was a crystal clear version, it was perfection, like he was sitting right there.

I realized that as great as He was for young children He was also powerful and empowering to Mom's at home, my Mom who needed to hear some words of encouragement. Women that might not have had a close confidant to tell them that things were not there fault totally. This is probably not an original thought but it is the first time I've looked at Him this way and He was always a big figure in my Mom's life. Actually He would have been the perfect man for my Mom. Sorry Dad.

This image is not true to the painting, it's changed since this time. I think for the better, luckily

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