Wednesday, January 13, 2010

started stretching the Birch Forest


I find I never link up or seldom do and that is a waste of time. I used to have links all the time. I'll have to get back to that. I guess what that means is I am totally self absorbed. That phrase can have many meanings. Usually a negative connotation but it can also be sympathetic. The person who is introspective, (some would say isolated in many ways) powerless or simply has a very interesting life He or She is absorbed in. Saw the craziest show tonight, real comedy "Daniel Tosh" painfully cute and really funny, irreverent and perfect.

I started stretching the sold Birch Painting and regarding postage I neglected to take into consideration the weight of the painted canvas of 60"x48" which is considerable. So the painting gets a little cheaper. This is the third large painting of mine that this great couple have purchased. One of the couple happens to be a great painter I would love to own one some time. Regarding my Birch Landscape, it is one that I am particularly proud of and feel very happy that a family will be living with it. I hope they like it, they purchased it from seeing it on my site. Seeing one image and not asking for details and I didn't think to offer. Sight unseen a 60"x48" canvas arrives in the mail. Amazing the topics one can ramble on about. Phew.

The radio keeps going off but it is back on with a great blues singing man.

I've nearly finished stretching the painting and after removing, replacing many staples it is taut and I won. It is a good feeling as re-stretching is complicated because there is a fold, chances are and a challenge to make it fade. I managed to do it tonight after basically hanging my weight from step two on the ladder with the pliers, making it the slightest little bit tighter. Really hard on the hands I have to say. This is the first stretching I've done since my last show which I stretched just about three dozen medium size paintings. Crazy time. I had stretcher bar deliveries twice a week for a while. I made some good paintings. An old painter friend that I never see saw my site and emailed and said my paintings are beautiful and I had a sense of relief, after being overwhelmed with joy and emotion, privately.

24 starts January 17th, 2010. Cherry Jones is back as Madame President so you have to tune in.

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  1. I love 24. One of my favorite shows. (Pat)