Saturday, January 9, 2010

it's about painting

Hello. So I know that my posts of late have sounded like rantings from an over privileged mid-century queen and to you I say Fuck you. Just kidding, sorry Mom. Seriously though, over privileged?? I don't think she reads it as she is just figuring out email but you never know. It is a word after all and I've used it so much in the course of my life that to deny it now is stupid. I do love that I can be appropriate when the time calls for it. Okay here I go, the probability of rambling is very high.

One more thing. I am entering a juried show with an unusual deadline date. There are two first being January 11th and then a second one through the 25th of January for an additional ten dollars. I like that. They make money and artists have a second option. Wait a minute if they just made one deadline the twenty-fifth everyone would win. Yet another way to screw the little guy. Desperate artists trying to get the work seen and subjecting themselves to a slim chance in hell of being selected. John is insisting that I enter and He is right. They have no size restrictions, if the work is large you have to install it yourself but being a control freak that will make everyone happy. Listen to me thinking like there is a chance. Hey I'm very optimistic but I am also rational and I see the future. Thank you very much.

Back to painting. I am working and was thinking blah, blah,blah that maybe one of the reasons I do not talk about it so much is that it's all new and I feel like I am going by the seat of my pants. I made some major changes to my two 86"x86" paintings and while in the act I wondered if I would miss the way it was then looking at them and loving them more so I guess the decision to work some more was the right one. They are better paintings I think, assuming I know what I'm talking about.

I'm listening to a very drool banjo player who is playing live with other banjo players. He is brilliantly funny and makes jokes through out the show. I have to get His name. He just did an amazing impersonation of Bob Dylan. This guy is a gift.


  1. Do you read your emails or are u just ignoring me? If that's the case, I'm depressed. I sent the email well over a week ago, and I saw from your blog that you have been in Florida. But you have been back for a while so why haven't you responded to your email?

  2. Hello, Sorry I have been away but really don't often think of checking to see if someone has left a comment, as I haven't had much feedback. I don't know who you are but thanks for reading. I will certainly look more frequently. Best.