Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back in the studio

Hello. This was started on January 20, 2010. In the studio listening to Amy Goodman, Democracy Now. The condition of the world is very disconcerting. A journalist Tim Ives or something like that talking about how soldiers are in Haiti with guns very threatening not even speaking the language and not helping people who are trying to help themselves. He dismissed the US Military, as not helping at all or enough. I do wish that it could be done without guns. I guess they think desperate times call for desperate measures.

Wow Just heard about three activists ascending trees that were going to be cut down something to do with coal. I think West Virginia was the location. I will have to google it to find out why they felt compelled to save the trees. Of course they did not they just held up there slaughter for a while until the activists were arrested. Just googled, West Virginia mountaintops from being cleared for mining. People trying to save nature, it seems like it should all be protected, especially mountains.

I am about to start working on a new large painting my first night back in the country.Well that was yesterday and I have made some progress on the new large painting. It's a little dark right now, dark beauty. But that was the plan if there was any plan it was to create a mood. I used Black for the first time in maybe ten years. Seriously I've had the same black tubes for a long time. It creates a hole for me and that is the challenge but I feel up to it. I have taken it to the dark side regarding the palette and now have to think about lightening it without losing the feeling. Maybe...keeping every note original the challenge to not over paint, literally. I feel a healthy amount of white background in the painting. That floating feeling.

Wow I just thought about the life inside a snow globe. If it was left on a radiator to close I think that life could start, algae. But the energy of the water moving around inside the perfect sphere of glass, hopefully glass.

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