Sunday, January 24, 2010

oh facebook if i could only figure it out

Hello. A good friend from the eighties that I haven't seen since then found me on facebook. I have not utilized facebook because it irritates me but that is one amazing development. Regarding facebook, it's the uploading of images and the files or albums that really piss me off. I can't believe that it is just me.

Back to the friend. So amazing. Back then we just moved on with life as it turns out in healthy ways. I remember feeling that Her future looked bright. I hope I was right.

Duffy and Dusty.

I'm in the studio, I've actually made some good progress with a few things. I'm making a book for my mother. It's an 8"x10", fifty page moleskin notebook that I have turned into a scrapbook of and about leaves and trees from travels.

It started when my sister asked me to bring her some leaves from Spain and London this past fall. I did collect some and was going to bring her something for Christmas and time got away from me and the leaves were pressed and buried in a stack of magazines.

I discovered them when trying to organize my life and was crushed that I had forgotten. The leaves that I collected only filled six pages so I had to get busy and going through all of my nature reference photos. I discovered that of course leaves and trees have been my fasciation as long as I can remember. That made me feel very close to my mother, happy that we could both feel such passion about trees.

Today I was driving on this great rode out here it is very long and the tall trees form a kind of Cathedral ceiling down the rode. So powerful these tall living things that go to sleep for the winter and then come alive and give us life. So I am going through and finding photos of Big Sur, California, Mt. Rainier, Muir Woods Monument. I thought that was incredible that Muir Woods is considered a monument as opposed to a park. Very interesting to me.

P.S. I just uploaded the image of Duffy and it took me all of ten seconds. Figure it out facebook people. Truthfully facebook irritates me. I like email. I just can't get the big picture but of course that is my problem should I choose to accept it. Love Duffy. Haven't heard her in a while. I would like to hear her do a Dusty Springfield cd. Did I her DS??

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