Saturday, January 23, 2010

in the studio beautiful day outside

Hello. I need to start using this blog for the reasons that I started in the first place trying to market the work. I am entered in another juried show that I will most likely not get accepted to but I love the work blah, blah. This is a link to the sponsors of a potentially good show.

I have not posted an image in a while, from posting an image with every entry. So here goes.

It's from Muir Woods National Monument. Breath taking nature preserved thanks to this great man.

Hello. Yes I am in the studio, revisiting my new large painting and some smaller ones. I've made some changes trying to keep it small and treat the background as a color, keeping it full of energy with white. The plan anyway. Going in with White, spread it on with little or a lot of medium. I scrape away the previous session generally speaking, on large paintings. Smaller ones I will leave some paint buildup, less to think about from a conservators standpoint small scale. Anyway so it is easy with regard to the paint. Listening to some good music and radio, another reason to never leave NY. state that is, after all I am hardly in the city, city radio is far better but it is great in the country as well. Fascinating.

Love the Bee Gees.

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