Sunday, January 24, 2010

the stars are aligning

Hello. So here I am making what I feel are my best paintings ever I'm totally behind them. The only thing is they don't have any (immediate) plans but hanging in my studio. I need to relax. They are brand new and the plan is to varnish them so they are not even ready for a year. Varnish should not be applied till one year after painting is finished. It can unify the surface and I've just really discovered it. A painting that has an uneven mat/wet look can be made to look less uneven.

These are important thoughts for me as I am trying to make a new body of work with smaller manageable scales 48"x48" being the larger end of the scale. There is a better chance of selling smaller paintings. I have sold large works as well. 52"x62", 50"x60" quite a few 48"x48"'s so that encourages me to continue flirting with the large paintings....86"x86" is incredible.

I have recently made four 86"x86" paintings and one 86"x86" that is two panels as a horizontal diptych landscape. Crazy shit happening in this painting. Actually it is the one that is currently at the top of this blog. That's a big Duh. I just had a look at the top of my blog and I am horrified. I have to take a better image... the painting is so much better than this dark image. Although I could be crazy.

All jokes aside I have strengths (not always in picture taking) in some aspects of life and one that I feel very strongly about is my taste level regarding quality in art. It does not feel right to say good and bad regarding art as it is so personal and in some ways should not be judged. Okay now back on planet earth where everything is judged, WE judge that's what we do. Listen I live to be judged I should be so lucky that they are looking. What?? Anyway, What was I saying. Oh yes my taste level regarding art. I know it sounds so crazy, nutso arrogant but in all professions there are people who know more. In my profession, all us artists, working way alone in the studio, I digress, I feel I have developed an eye for good painting. There's that word good, you can't get away from it. It's a feeling you have the way something moves you. Does it make you excited? Introspective? Blown away? These are some feelings that looking at great art can inspire in me I have noticed with age.

Let it be noted that I feel all art and things made by hand have some innate beauty. Innate is a great word, existing in one from birth.

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