Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lee Marvin

Hello, Just turned the television on and found a movie with a young Sissy Spasek and Lee Marvin, looking a little long in the tooth. He actually looked drugged which is not such a nice thing to see or say. I am a very big Lee Marvin fan although I've seen very little of his career. A little bit of an intense Vivian Leigh picture. She is past it on a boat and He is a stud and hustler. One of His big Macho pictures with a cast of a dozen men. Maybe "The Dirty Dozen" And of course late career "Gorky Park" He is brilliant and scary.

I am about to clean up and go pick John up at Macarthur Airport. Well what do you know. I'm having a physical exam on Monday and at fifty my first "recommended" prostate exam. Luckily it is not my first and I am anticipating no change so again there you go. I do wish that I could get into a better exercise regime. I am trying and stretching and working it out it just doesn't feel like it's regular. It is a very odd feeling. Like my days are so busy or things just one after the other and I am going through it in a trance. Lay off the crack you might say??

Seriously though, I guess it's a part of getting older. The big canvases more and more seem monumental. Smaller things are certainly easier. I have had a good couple of days in the studio. Things are moving forward for me and I think they look sophisticated. I'm hooked on white but that is another story. I've been shaving my head and face well while I was in Florida since I've been home I've been lazy but I will tonight as it will make me feel better and I've got to wash the funk away for John.

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