Tuesday, January 5, 2010

back in nyc crazy as ever

Hello. So I am back in NYC and in the country, in the studio getting back, getting reaquainted with work and life. We had a great time in Florida relaxing and playing tennis. More later just wanted to check in. When John, michael and I went to see the Fontainebleau Hotel we saw a William Wood diptych hanging beautifully behind a beautiful desk.

I'm back and loving myself if I could quote Kath. You can skip to the last paragraph where I actually have something to say.

I am back and wanted to talk about the pain that I have had in my right arm for a while just attributed it to tennis and getting old but I forget that a year ago my arm was frozen two weeks before my Dad's death and I am feeling pain all the way down my arm pretty full time. Amazingly this is not an exaggeration. But I am not taking anything so it is not that bad just constant. No shit no it is painful I do shiatsu techniques on my arm all the time and use a squeeze ball for both arms and drink as much coffee as possible.

John's mother gave me a book on Obama for Christmas. And I was looking through it last night in the city and there is a photo of Renee Flemming in total matching red Scarf and Gorgeous Coat in capitol letters . Probably Gaultier or some obscure great designer, I'd like to think the Met Opera dress maker extraordinaire. John and I saw Her with Her secretary shopping on my street W. 28th. She was dressed down but so impressive a presence I felt so lucky to have bwwn in the same room with her. I've also seen Audra Mcdonald on W. 28th. Diva Central. They've all been there, why not after all it is a destination for those looking for some beauty for their home in NYC. I dread the day that the street is not occupied by flower stores even though it's all bad for the environment. Wow I am embarrassed to say that I haven't really thought about the impact of the flower business on the world. It's fucking it up! That is horrible that I haven't really thought of that I'll say it again.

Anyway, I am reading Thomas Friedmans " Hot, Flat and Crowded", 2.0 updated and expanded and it is the most important thing to read however shocking and frightening . The fate of the next generations depends on us changing our behaviors, He is able to explain everything and writes facts beautifully. I can't believe what I am saying is not fiction. The reality is this planet will be very different if we, and by default "It" stays on the same course. How sad that the beauty of the planet is not enough for us to respect it, take care of it.

He also writes about the banking disaster. The idea of "Hot" Comparing the melting of the Polar Caps and global warming and the melt down of Wall St. forgetting values and letting incredible greed take over and now the result. Genius comparisons!!! the terrible saying,
I B D / Y B D, I'll be dead / You'll be dead, a saying I think bankers made up. Great eh?? Thanks a fucking lot guys. Like that would not be enough we also have terrorism to deal with where a person will strap explosives to themselves and take innocent people with them for their sick imbalanced beliefs. Crazy men preying on weak, crazy people, confused and vulnerable because of life's situations, or real mental imbalances. Believing in crazy notions of afterlife. Ideas stemming from fear and desire. Do they still think they are going to a place where there are virgins satisfying their every whim. Maybe it's just one virgin. I don't know. I'm listening to the only music uploaded to my laptop. What some would consider painful a collection of Classical Christmas songs and Bab's latest Christmas collection dedicated to Donna Karan's deceased husband. He looked like a very nice guy. Very sad that He died so young. How appropriate to end this on Babs a person who cares so much about the world, she's been talking about it for decades.

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