Thursday, January 28, 2010

back in the country

Hello. I have to warn you this post is especially bitter and vulgar. You've been warned.

So here I am back in the studio and trying to do some small errands while packing up the painting to ship to Dallas. Lucky me right? Anyway imagine how annoyed I am when I go to check my email and I'm told that the earthlink web mail address is not a valid url. How fucking annoying is that I ask you? Right my blog so I can be as vulgar and pissed off as I want.

I do apologize as I am listening to the news and there are many people in Haiti who on top of everything else do not have bathroom to use. Surprise surprise. My problems are pretty pathetic in the scheme of things.

Anyway while driving in today I saw a couple of trucks on the side of the rode, one was a smallish garbage truck. As I got closer I realized they were about to toss a dead deer in the truck. Okay now I really did not need to know that that is how they deal with the roadkill out in this over-privileged community. Maybe it is common practice. I just think it is bad enough that people drive way to fast on these country roads killing deer left and right (I'm working on my road speed) Can't we just slow down where there are deer signs. They travel on the same route it is established. Not to fucking difficult to avoid hitting the beauties. Yes I am pissed. What's worse is when they leave them on the side of the road some half alive. Back to my point about the trucks We take these beautiful innocent creatures and toss there dear carcases in a truck with no respect for there crushed bodies. I think that is really tragic. No they are not people but they did not ask for our cars and SUV's to cream into them at ridiculous speeds. I fucking hate people right now.

John and I were going to play tennis one snowy night. The tennis place is beyond this train track overpass and for whatever reason it is a spot where deer travel pretty consistently. This night as we approached we saw a deer on Her side in the rode trying to get on Her feet. She was clearly hit in the back side and they just left Her there to potentially be hit again by someone barrel assing through the narrow underpass. We stopped and called the police and they sent someone with a gun to put her out of her misery. The cop told us we should go. It was really one of the sadder times for me out here. This huge animal was a perfect specimen and to see the look in her eyes was really to much. And of course off in the darkness there are others just watching helplessly. It really is gruesome.

Anyway I am calm now this really is cathartic. I realize accidents happen. I rode over a turtle one day leaving the house. After trying so hard to watch out for them. Accidents happen but to leave the scene without stopping or calling someone is not so nice. I know that there are many immigrants out here and they are fearful of calling the police if there is a problem. They drive carefully for that main reason though so I think most of the deer killers are Caucasian, young kids racing, some idiot on there phone, your choice. I guess I wasn't so calm but I am now.

Hopefully my next post will be art related. No guarantee.


  1. Hello,
    Love your blog. Nothing like a good rant to clear the air.
    We have similar heartbreaking scenes in Australia, only its usually a kangaroo. Lots of these beautiful animals are killed by speeding cars, and often there is a live joey in the pouch, left to die of thirst.
    Some people take them home and rear them as pets, but there are special refuges that will look after them as well.
    The deers that are killed might leave behind orphans as well. Very sad.

  2. I totally agree with your feelings, 100% with you. I can not stand animal abuse of any kind, breaks my heart and makes me angry at such disrespectful humans. What goes around comes around and I hope especially so in cases such as this.