Saturday, January 30, 2010

saturday and i've taken the day off totally for the first time in a long time

Wait till I tell my mother someone form Australia a painter at that commented on my blog. How very exciting for me. Another person also but they did not leave an address. Oh well, keep'em coming.

Hello. I feel another crazy post coming on that I am not going to edit. I got the painting shipped to Dallas yesterday and after tracking it and seeing that it is in Secaucus, NJ. I guess they are shipping it. It was a challenge making the box but it went off well and I am at the mercy of UPS.

This image is a Yucca that John and I are taking care of. I say taking care of because what do we really own regarding living things in the big picture. I guess we own it in the sense that if we didn't water it, it would die as it is a container in our house so it depends on us absolutely. Well we are doing a great job because it is sending out a flower as you can see and I feel it is such a gift. They are amazing creatures and I love talking to them telling them how beautiful they are. I've talked to plants for so many years if I'm fifty and had plants in my teens at home in my mother's house than you do the math. I remember there was a squared off section of windows in the kitchen and when I was sixteen or seventeen I built this simple wood structure from above to hang plants from and it was beautiful and green everywhere.

I wish I could say that I came to the decision to take the day off for good reasons. The truth is since nine thirty or so I've had waves of nausea mainly in my head. which seems odd but I'm quite relieved they are not in my stomach because if that were the case I would be vomiting probably right now.

I'm listening to some great music on the radio the last segment featured nothing but duets. Al Green with Lyle Levitt, Emmy Lou Harris with Roy Orbison, I think, One of the Nevil Brothers with Bonnie Rait. I don't know how to spell any of these names. Linda Ronstadt with... Anyway get me point amazing radio. Now it's Carol King singing "Smack Water Jack" current and LIVE. She is wonderful and SWJ was always a favorite of mine.

John went to the stores and to play some tennis. We played last night and I hit an ace and some other very good serves. I'm bragging in case you didn't pick that up. I deserved that ace. Wow it must be boring for Serena and Roger hitting all the time. Oh my god what about Cilic ??? can't even imagine how to spell His name. the Serb ace king.

I am enjoying this coffee which is getting cold. Piss me off. I don't know anyone that really is a good sick person but I am a terrible one. The only redeeming thing about me is that I really don't want you to do anything for me if you can't do it right. Just kidding. Poor guy. John that is. I am kidding the evil one is my alter ego. The real me likes to be cared for and John does step up. He doesn't want me to do anything. There is a huge smile on my face. So I am in my studio sitting on my couch writing a post. Feeling like a huge mass of waste.

My friend Mark sent me a photo of himself to my phone and it made me very happy to see him. It's been a awhile as He moved to Michigan a couple of years ago to care for ailing parents. He is a great guy. WE met back in the nineties when I was going to the Spring St. studio to work from the model. Crazy because we met on the sidewalk in front of the studio before the class began. The entrance to the studio is right at the subway stop and I was standing there waiting for the class to begin and up comes this tall guy with his bicycle on his shoulder, you might imagine Atlas with the world there you go, we made eye contact and said hello. I remember thinking, I wish He was the model. Isn't that funny?? What luck, the gods were looking down on me. First let me say that ALL models are beautiful but some are just a little more so. He is gorgeous in and out. He just has one of those friendly faces where the only appropriate thing to say is Hello. At the break I asked Him if He would be interested in working privately and there began an amazing friendship. I learned to paint studying Mark. If you go to my site, to the figurative page you can see some of my many paintings / drawings of Mark.

He keeps me posted about things happening in the world some of which I am already aware as we listen to the same radio. He is a true Man of Peace. Funny because He is built like a triathlete which I think He has been as matter of fact. If only ALL the strong men of the world used there strength for peace in the world. I guess it is the weak minded men that create the problems and fear in the world. When I say weak I do not mean simple to the contrary most of these weak minds are probably brilliant in other ways just imbalanced maybe not treated well as children who knows but if only all strengths and weaknesses in children could be praised both and not criticized making young boys into fearful men. Men who must over power. Yes I do single out my gender as the problem because I am sure that if Women had a penis - I mean power from the beginning it would be a different world today. It makes me very sad because this is not some story this is real and we go day to day but this world, country is fucked up. And the GOP still pretends to care when they will not help the little guy with a fucking Health Insurance policy. How absolutely fucked up is that. I do not pretend to understand it all, all I know is what's right and what seems clearly not right and that is all. We have the good fortune to have a President and First Lady who could potentially make a change if allowed. I'm not a playing man but I do say a prayer for them. I pray that after all is said and done He does not blame Himself if things don't go the way He'd hoped. I also pray that y some miracle they get out of His way and He is able to accomplish what He has set out to.

I am making a book for my mother which I think I have talked about and it is getting me in touch with drawing again and that makes me feel like there is so much to do before I die. I remember being young and having someone say to me that I was so lucky to have my life ahead of me and I get that now. The truth is I ma younger now than she was so I still have time to do many things but time goes so quickly and you don't see it as a young person. Maybe that is best youth is bad enough without having the insight of age. Although of course there are very advance children who have amazing insight. It is a blessing and curse.

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