Monday, December 21, 2009

Julia and Julia, saw it

Britney Murphy, R.I.P.

She seemed to have a great career ahead of her. She always touched me.

Hello. Yes I think the name of the movie "Julia and Julia" I'll google and find out. Anyway a touching movie Meryl is amazing as always and I wanted to like it more quite frankly. I did not know that a blog was a big part of the story so that was interesting and a little personal. I think I get a little personal with this blog but that is life. If I write what else is it going to be about but me? I guess I have to admit that I am self absorbed. I guess I could tell my story as a alias. I don't even know what I mean. You know this.

I am thinking aobut my next move with a group of 26"x26" canvases. Trying. Tea got cold.

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