Tuesday, December 22, 2009

winter wonderland

Hello. It is another white day in EH and I have continued with the dig out. Had a struggle this morning concentrating and getting to work. I went out early for coffee, three large ones to go as I did not want to make a pot. How's that for lazy? I'm on my second and looking forward to settling into some painting. I made a mess last night, revisited a large painting that I thought was finished. Oops. I'm trying to not hold something so precious. After all who the fuck do I think I am? Thank you!!

The photo is a wall of ivy covered in snow. In April this will seem funny today it's no joke. Get over yourself. Sung to the tune of "Sixteen going on Seventeen" from TSOM and to be continued.

I am fifty going on thirteen when will I ever learn... compared to songwriting my painting looks really easy. See you later.

I was thinking earlier and after seeing "Julia and Julia"?? don't even know if that is the title, anyway, the thought of writing things in the blog that are not necessary to write. Good radio right now. Christmas Time is Here from Charlie Browns Christmas. How brilliant and what good feelings it brings to the stomach. How lucky am I to be in my studio and in front of my next challenge. I am reworking a painting that is already on my site for sale. So that is the way I operate. Once it is made and I am happy it goes public. What a thought really the whole concept that anyone around the world could access your work and thoughts.

My re-worked 86"x86" painting that has also had different titles from "The Dragon", "Gold Landscape" currently, "Gravity" which is short lived. The painting above left looked this way till December 21, 2009 it looks different now but changing and hopefully all for the better.

I wish I had equal time for everything that interested me in life. I would like to manage my time better. It seems like it should be in my power to organize my day and live a period of time with order. It's an idea anyway. It might be highly over rated. I will try, baby steps. Odd thing life has everything to make it easier but it does not get necessarily easier, busier certainly. Again not complaining just observing. Trust me I complain - about myself. Is it really sincere though? As an artist can I be trusted? I wouldn't trust me. Just kidding, guilt makes me reliable.

I have taken a lot of photos lately and that makes me happy. Thinking about taking some self-portraits, really looking at myself might help me to concentrate. The act of facing myself, then there is no bullshit. This is when a blog should be illegal, when the "writer" rambles like a stoner making little or painful sense.

I really liked Britney Murphy in "Clueless" she was perfect. It will be especially moving the next time I should happen upon clueless.

I will not edit something that hardly anyone reads. I love radio. Long Live Radio.


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