Friday, December 18, 2009

in the studio

Hello. To my surprise some good things happened in the studio last night. Here's hoping that tonight will be the same.

Odd coincidence the other night I had worked on my latest large painting and named it Coral1 and was very pleased even though it seemed a little sweet I liked the title. The painting reminded me of a view on the California coast near Carmel. Looking down at what could be a fifty foot drop ( I have no clue the distance it seemed like a scary fall that would absolutely kill you you would want to be dead) to the ocean and the colors were amazing and varied although it was not to my knowledge coral. Anyway, the next day I read about a painting called Coral and I thought what are the chances of that. I am not married to my title as it is kind of limiting.

Curtis Blow, "These Are The Breaks" Great funny song. Break it up Break it up, Break it up. Breakdown.

I'm listening to Friday Night Soul, on 88.3 South Hampton. This guy is playing amazing old music. "Reach for the Sky"

I've updated my site but not with my new paintings SHIT. I put dimensions on paintings without them and that's it. Oh well. Just means I have to do it.

This crazy song "I'll Do Anything For You", give the world to you if you want me to. I never listened to the words when I was younger and knew this song. It's actually a love song. Of course romantic obsessive love but love none-the-less.

Another classic "Push Push in the Bush" Are you ready, Are you ready for this. Do you like it, Do you like it like this. I want it, in the bush bush.

There Before the grace of God, There go I I I I I. with no blacks no jews and no gays. The music to this song is incredible.Can't really figure out the message. Great intro though.

You know how to love me, right. The that special way. Your the real that I feel never go away. Seeings believing, Ain't nothing deceiving about the way I'm loving you. What?? You know how to love me You know how to love me All I want to say, you know how to love me. Measure for measure. Cause you told me so. There's no denying.

James Brown, Gonna get up and do my thang. I'm gonna do my thing. dressed up in a brand new mini dress. that boy playing that horn. Ha Ha Hey Everybody. Heeey Everybody. I got a brand new ...I aint gonna hurt nobody just wnat to help my heart. dance dance dance do the popcorn. do yo usee what I see. everybodies doing the popcorn.

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