Thursday, December 17, 2009

I remember when computers were new and I feared them

Hello. I'm in the studio after a long day of getting things done. It ended with a trip to Bridgehampton in the SAAB, by myself. Somehow at fifty I've managed to conquer some of my fears. Anyway here I am and will continue this post later. Great to be in the studio and trying to begin some new smaller paintings.

So I am practicing my serve in the basement. Going back and forth Left-handed, Right-handed serve. Without the court I am just trying to concentrate on form and focusing on a point or target and having some consistent good aim.

So this picture is a lousy photo of a new painting which I like more and more. I'm try ing to start some new smaller works and leave this one alone for a while. Listening to blues music on this great station but I may be in the mood fore something else.

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