Wednesday, December 16, 2009

back in east hampton...

Hello. I've been in the city for a couple of days with John and managed to start my Christmas shopping. It was the first time that I remember in a long time really enjoying thinking about gifts for people. Of course my budget is limited but that is fine. It is about something other than materialistic stuff for me. Watching people shop on their lunch breaks or before going to work makes me see how important it all is. We do this because we are conditioned but there is something special about it all if you can get to it. It is hard because times are so hard and people have nothing and yet they want to give so much.

I am out in the country and it is around seven pm and I am in my studio because my beautiful man has purchased a router and I can now be on the Internet in my studio. I'm listening to a radio program and a man is narrating what I think is a I.B. Singer story. It is pretty heavy about love and mistrust or jealousy. Really intense and sad. It is called "Crown of Feathers" and yes by Singer.

So I am planning on starting some work and doing some store stuff while out here. Christmas is nine days away. We have the potential to make a lot of sales at the stores between now and New Year's Eve.

I have had some email correspondence with a friend that I have lost touch with from R.I. and she asked me about East Hampton and what it is like. I am going to ask her if she would like to visit to see for herself. Of course this is not the nicest time she could come any time but it is cold all over the northeast so whats the difference. WE both Jessica and I hate the cold so we can complain together.

On the spider front. The Mother never came back the nest of eggs is still intact and the large spider is still suspended in the web.

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