Sunday, November 29, 2009

final day in Marbella

Hello. So London has some amazing art to see starting with Monet, all from private collections at a gallery, Heller... So I am very excited. There is a catalog to the show for a mere 500 pounds. I guess I will have to focus and store it all upstairs. I wish I could take photos but not likely.

I googled and read about Salvator Dali last night as John and I had dinner in town and there is a mall that was built probably twenty plus years ago with Dali bronzes in a line down the center of the pedestrian mall. I did not realize how important He was. Absolutely fascinating man. It is very pretty with yellow marble tiles and palm trees lining both sides leading to the sea. The wind was pretty intense but Africa seems to block any storm that might uproot a palm tree. Seeing the tall palms blowing in the wind was amazing as they look so vulnerable as tall as they are.

I am very excited about Kienholz at the National Gallery, Anish Kapoor at the Royal Academy and Turner at Tate Britain.

So today we will play some tennis and I will take some photos to remember this beautiful place by. I also have a project, finding leaves for my mother. I plan on taking photos of the leaves on the ground and then locating them so they are not just random leaves. I did find some last night at dinner. The hotel grounds are pretty manicured so leaves are kind of scarce but London will provide lots.

So I am off. I am able to have internet access for free at this hotel. In London things will be different unfortunately.

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