Sunday, November 29, 2009

greetings from a rainy Marbella, Spain

I have forgotten to give an update to my spider story. When I left the other day the mother was still no where to be seen and the large victim of the web was dead for two days with the web still in tact. I have a few thoughts about this, The mother is dead and the large victim is the first meal for the babies when they hatch. I do regret that I will probably miss this event. I guess if I pay attention I will see this amazing event occur again. On thing I wanted to write about was the amazing protective web she constructed around the eggs. There is no way anything could get to them without being caught in the no doubt sticky web. She is a hero of epic proportions.

Hello. So here it is Sunday November 29th, a rainy day in Spain. John and I slept in till 1:20pm a first for both of us. A lie-in as our British friend Carmella calls it. Maybe jet-lag but I think more like the room was dark and we both just thought it was earlier than it was. Again I know this is all very boring stuff but for me this is a fabulous vacation. Doing absolutely nothing in a beautiful place. We've been watching some very good tennis live from London.

Speaking of London, we head there tomorrow and I have so much to see. Did another google search and found a Turner show among other surprises.

Planned on meeting up with a good friend, a reporter for AP, Allison Havey but she is heading to Copenhagen for the summit. How exciting for her. Speaking of AP there has still been no word of the story that the AP writer was writing about the High Line Open Studio Tour. Hmmm.

Before leaving for this trip I submitted five images to a juried group show at the Rogue Space in NYC. I feel very good about the work and will find out December 10th if I am excepted. Don't think I will be because it is better to feel that way but feel great about the work. There are no other paintings that I would rather be making and that says a lot to me about the work. At this point I am blathering on so I will look for an image for this post.

I do hope my mother is not that upset about Tiger Woods. She could care less about golf but she does like Tiger. Later.

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