Saturday, October 10, 2009

off to NJ today for a full day of John's friends and Family

Hello. Go Andy! This is from Indian Wells 09.

I'm listening to Jazz Singers station. jazz.FM91 High Standards (itunes) is the tag line or name of the station. So great to hear random singers, every song is different, great Jazz musicians. I was listening to a different station yesterday and the DJ/News guy was so bad, young and inexperienced - I winced during his delivery of news and I couldn't even tell you what he said He was in over his head but at the same time it was sweet. I hope He got a pat on the back and some good advice and not fired.

I made a three box wood painting for the Washington St Gallery annual Juried Show. It was the last submission that I've made. It should be coming up on the calendar, I think it is a fall show actually. Rejection from that annoying strict ruled show is just that annoying. Back to my point I made this piece and part of me wants to break it up and throw it out. There's also a side that thinks I should keep it. I just don't want to store it.

I've committed to a great four month + temporary sublet starting November 1st. What luck.

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