Friday, October 9, 2009

in the light of day

Hello. So I am stating to take down everything that is not relevant to my current work or anything that could be a distraction which is just about everything and looking at my new work. The verdict is out. I wish....

This is another painting by that artist Michael Raedecher???

Just finished playing some tennis. I didn't do badly but need so much work. The form is what I want to improve on. That is one aspect of my game that suffers from not working out with a pro for a long while.

So the studio if getting into some order. It always looks bad before it transitions into something workable. I am cleaning the decks like never before. Really trying to part with things that do not serve me. I am bringing an old army surplus backpack to the thrift store. I will never use it again and I have stored it for years without ever using it. Someone else may fall in love with it and really get some use out of it. So many other little things that I am also purging it feels great.

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