Sunday, October 11, 2009

new slate

Hello. This is the woman that I was hanging with at the member installation for the High Line Open Studio Tour 09. I was not sure if she is the Ultra Violet of the factory fame but her is according to her site. Pretty amazing. It states that she was exorcised and then sent to America where she eventually became Salvador Dali's muse. Crazy shit.

I just heard the terrible sound of two cars crashing into each other down on Seventh Avenue. Still have not heard an ambulance so that is a good sign.

Yesterday's post was I guess the real me but it is not the kind of post that I want to write. I am going to edit even though my plan is not to edit myself somethings should to be edited to save face. Trust me it is nothing that anyone needs to know about me.

What's going on??? John and I are heading out to EH for a couple of days and I am going to do store things and take care of business out there. Then feel good about coming back to the city and concentrating on the High Line Open Studio Tour. I am trying to upload the map webloc but that will have to wait till I get to the country.

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