Monday, October 12, 2009

There will always be a lot to do

Hello. I was trying to upload some sites on my homepage that would supposedly generate some traffic through I went through the process and the link takes you to nowhere. I am not a web designer but I've had a little luck with a very easy program on mac and I think I can find my way around. How humbled I am and quite irritated too as I have spent some time doing this, not much just the waiting for the uploading process.

Back in the country and doing some things around the house preparing in the studio, cooking for and taking care of an ill John. That is not bad though He needs rest and I can do both. I made some red cabbage soup with chicken stock last night, lots of garlic, celery, hot pepper, John likes heat. It made it very tasty. Did I tell you that He is not really a soup person. I am happy He is where He is, it is not often that He is still relaxing.

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