Saturday, October 17, 2009

my new favorite painter

Hello. I am posting this studio photo that it is the property of Carla Klein, the painter. It is copied from the Internet so I think that is public domain. I feel like it is an invasion of privacy even though I have posted my studio, they are my photos and my decision. If someone else posted my studio views which is possible I would not be as happy. She is a "big" painter. Born in 1970, so skilled, with guts. You can read about Her process in gallery blurbs or catalogs and find out that She is very smart or you can just look at the work. Wow love her.

Saw the painting form the street and went in and so glad I did. I think from afar I thought it was the work of a guy but should have known it was a woman. Of course there are great painters of both genders but today, nine times out of ten the great painter that I might see is a woman.

I love making blanket statements. That one has been consistently true for a while. Of course there are exceptions like the Leipzig painters, six or so men, also born in the seventies for the most part.

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