Saturday, October 17, 2009

monet one and two check it out. Sunday October 18th 12 6 pm last opportunity to see inside artists studios in the Chelsea, High Line District of NYC. Go Kevin!!!

Hello. These are great examples of beautiful painting from Claude Monet. They are two versions of the painting titled "Impressions of a Sunrise" something like that and it was the beginning of Impressionism. I think that is true. I will check my facts and get back to you.

OK, Not so far off, The one on the left, is titled, Impression, Sunrise, 1873. Impression, soleil levant, oil on canvas, 48x63cm. Are you ready for this 19x25 inches. I've seen this painting at least once and I would have remembered it a little larger, at least 28x32. That's a small painting to have had such an impact.

This definition of Impressionist style is essentially valid for a group of artists briefly sharing the same philosophy between 1873 and 1875. from MONET by Karin Sagner, 2006 TASCHEN

This is a new statement that I wrote before the show at Surface Library Gallery this September:

Currently his explorations with paint on canvas, in the studio are taking him to imaginary places with atmosphere and mood, where things do not have to make sense. The beginnings of this new work were shown at Surface Library Gallery Sept. 3 – 20, 2009

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