Sunday, October 18, 2009

final day of high line open studios 09 tour

Hello. So this is it the last day of the High Line tour. It is a cold, rainy day in NYC. So after a break from this post it is now 11:37 and I am listening to Joe Frank. Great radio - heaven. the tour ended very nicely with two couples, complete strangers. Very nice.

I have so much to do after the tour regarding my apartment. I have a sublet for one week that starts this Wednesday which means that I have to get the place in order. I can leave lots of art hanging but it must be put away and off the floor as it is now. Then my long sublet starts November 1st and that is the big move as I have to get the art back to EH. I think this is the last time that I will do a tour this way. There has to be a less insane way of doing it. Driving a van load of art to the city for four days and then getting it back to the country is a headache. I don't regret it at all but I think I have to realize that I do not have to have everything I've ever made (exaggerating of course but pretty close) present for the sale. As I've said in previous posts this is also a chance to clean things up and take inventory and stock pf things, bring things to the thrift store and basically clean house. Fall cleaning. So I probably will continue to do things the hard way because that I my nature. I don't want to do it half way. I have to go under the assumption that lots of people are coming and I want to put on a show for them and give them a taste of everything that I have done. It is better when a stranger comes and experiences me work for the first time because they really want to look. anyway, rambling here will be back later.

The image is a view of my studio out in EH and I am looking forward to the insanity of October and early November to be behind me so I can resume work. Maybe while I am waiting for the people that will not come, (call me glass half empty or realist you decide) I will hunt for art blogs. I have not done that kind of search for a while.

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