Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello. So I drove a van full of paintings back from the country. Planned to take photos of the journey more than I did anyway. You will have to visit my site for some photos as I did not get them on my laptop. There is a lot to do, full time and I am not a machine. I wish I were. Check out I've redone my homepage and I like its brassy, bold approach.

There has been a Praying Mantis couple (well I guess not for long) hanging around the Ivy near the door. They can hang out all they want as long as they don't fly in my face. The way they turn their heads on an axis looking intently.

Wow look what I found. I blogged about UTADA a while back after hearing her interviewed on the radio and fell head over heels. The voice is amazing, she is very smart and a truely gifted artist. s.u.b.l.i.m.e.

It is great to think about all the work done in the country, now in the city. And I love my site. I want everyone to see it. Although that is a scary thought isn't it. I have no image to upload. Of course I can dig something up.

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