Tuesday, October 13, 2009

old blog posts like old diary entries should not be reread

Hello. I never learn my lesson, rereading old blog posts can be terribly embarrassing. I guess more so if I knew that someone was actually reading them. Not to worry.

There is a short video of the reception on the highlineopenstudios09.org site. It was shot by Kevin O'Hanlon who makes documentaries about artists. It is really worth seeing, He captured the night so well.

So I had a couple of emails with Kevin O'Hanlon the guy who is responsible for the High Line Open Studio Tour. He is a great guy and so understanding and caring for the artists He is dealing with. I don't think He is treating me any better than anyone else. What I'm trying to say is that I think He probably treats everyone well. Although I should not forget that I am responsible for bringing Randi Goldsmith to Him and She has made the world of difference for the tour and my place in it.

I love this view of my studio in EH. It is the most beautiful raw space there is in my opinion. So I am back in the city for the tour which starts this Thursday and runs through Sunday. www.highlineopenstudios09.org

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