Monday, October 19, 2009

The Village Voice Backpage

Ira Glass is a pain in the ass. It's fund-raising time for WNYC and I am a listener who has given in the past but not presently and I actually listen to music more. command Z is the back key on a Mac. on my laptop the keyboard is smaller and different so inept me was stupified when it came to needing that function. Today I remembered. Bravo!

Hello. These are links that Randi Goldsmith arranged leading up to the High Line 09 Tour. I was not even aware of The Voice Back-page. We love links. I am very excited, I should have posted the links days ago but things were hectic and I was not focused.

This image is a photo I took at a vineyard in Tuscany. This particular grape sits on these racks for ten years before it is turned into wine. I do not know any more specifics other than that it is very expensive. The room that they are stored in is dark, damp, huge (the racks go on for ever it seems) and amazing.

I've taken new photos for future posts but can not use till next week when things settle down.

I've made amazing headway into the cleaning up for my new sublet today. I am pleased as I thought it was going to be near impossible with all of the product in my apartment. The storage under my bed in my apartment is more organized and functional than ever. I will try to take some photos because it's interesting, to me anyway.

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