Thursday, October 1, 2009

High Line Open Studios 09

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calling all chelsea area artists.

Hello. So I just finished making my fifth 96"x96" MDF surface to make paintings on. As I think I've said this stuff is heavy, and threatening, I won. Had a little help from friend Haim standing it up and done, five stations, Of course one could say, now you've done it, You've made a big studio and there is pressure, you must produce now. But I will ignore that boring voice (as it's in my head) and move on. Not so bad really. As a matter of fact pretty amazing my only complaint is the brief amount of time. Who let her in??

So happy that I picked a different cloud image from the header of the blog. duh. So I am car-less and Haim took my show down for me. He called and said that He would do it and I said OK thank you. Cut to my show is down and the paintings are in the foyer and they did me proud. I'm going to wrap them up and bring them to the city for hopefully another audience. It is bittersweet and as a group no one was interested in any of them, to own that is. Granted not a huge audience I have to ask myself....well maybe I do not have to question. Just let that go, My overall response has been positive and I can't deny the way I feel about these paintings. I saw a painting by a young woman doing large drip paintings with a definite mood. It was great but it was to much like what I am doing in one way. We both could have done that painting is what I'm trying to say. Anyway, There's room for many voices and right now if I check in with myself in the studio and focus and paint I will make something that is mine. Cause I'm fifty.

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