Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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This painting is by Michael Raedecker, a painter whose show I saw in Chelsea, I googled Him and found a couple of paintings. His work is very sensitive yet powerful. There is some needlepoint-like work involved in the pictures but they are anything but dainty. They seem to have everything for me as a viewer. There is the architectural rendering style yet there is no mistaking them for an architectural plan. I am pretty sure that I posted a bunch of His images on my blog in the past now that I think of it. I love His work but the bottom line is that I need to have access to my main computer and all of my images. It appears that the cable that I need to transfer is out in the country and I hope so because I do not want to buy another one. This is where the blog can get dangerously boring, It is early in the morning I haven't finished my first cup of coffee and I am trying to put together a thought. It all started with looking at this post from last night and seeing a typo in the first line.

Tomorrow I head back to EH and to the stores and painting. I am happy to say that I am not taking care of a pet. That would be too much. It has been a long time since I've had a pet. The last was Alexx, a Tabby Cat, handsome, brown tiger with a dark face and beautiful eyes. He lived to be sixteen and somehow He became diabetic the last five or six years of so of His life. We were very close, and I was there for Him and with Him at the end. He touched many people, the women loved Him. He would sleep at the foot of my easel. He was born like me in Providence, RI. I realize His bio is not in sequence but this is just the beginning of His story. He really was my Hero. I photographed Him in Black and White just before He died and He looked beautiful, His coat was always perfect. I think He died in 2000, I am not sure. I may still have one or two of His empty prescription containers, a ball or two and one doctor's receipt.

I adopted Him against my will actually but He was definitely my cat from the start. He was three - four months old and was cross-eyed and cute and we clicked. He immediately became sick and that Sunday my mother and I took Him to Warwick Animal Hospital where He was diagnosed with Upper Respiratory Disease and would have stopped eating and drinking for some reason. That was my understanding anyway and I force fed and drugged Him, He improved right away and we connected permanently. He was crazy and fabulous. I wish I could google Him.

Early this morning John dropped me at Sixth and 28Th while He was rushing to the airport and while walking home I met two cats in storefronts that were so sweet, they were both clean and let me pet them and loved the attention. It was a nice moment and I found myself thinking about a cat at home for two seconds and got my senses back. I'm still in morning I guess that is true, He was a special pet.

I think I've mentioned that I'm preparing two new 96"x96" panels for paintings, for a total of five work stations. The fifth being purchased and put together tomorrow. Is that excessive? Maybe but I just feel like it will allow me to make more work and make twin large paintings at the same time. Listen I'm going to be fifty, I'll do what I want.

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