Tuesday, October 6, 2009

back in the city

Hello. This painting is the twin to the one in the previous post. They make me very happy and we all know that is not an easy task. :)

So tonight I am going to a one night reception and it was kind of sudden but I should have been able to get myself together and send a mailing but I did not. I think there is a part of me that feels I am all over the place as in saturated and ask to much a a small group of people. And what have I done? I've left myself standing alone with poor John who is probably going to be more upset about my blunder than I am. I am in work mode and only want to be in the studio which is really transforming for fall. Not by itself mind you. I have FIVE work stations. Now in the city trying to find a sublet for the apartment. What a segue. Anyway. I am borrowing a van driving to EH loading up with art and bringing it all back here for my tour which is next Thursday - Sunday. I have to be prepared in the event someone is shopping....so that means the big schlep.

So I am back in the city and preparing my studio for the High Line Open studio Tour next weekend and then a week long sublet soon after that. Just went to the Police Precinct to be finger printed for my Liquor License. That was fun. Actually it was easy and the cop that assisted me could not have been nicer. Well He could have offered me a cup of coffee but all in all a easy encounter. Not that I was expecting to be harassed or anything. I was actually expecting to be told to go to the Upper East Side to have it done so I was very happy indeed.

The room that it was done in had most wanted pictures all over the place. Boy that is not the kind of publicity one wants. It was pretty scary I must say. These guys do not look happy or sweet.

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