Sunday, October 4, 2009

Approaching The Harbor

Hello. Calling all Chelsea artists with studios.

This image is of the installation of the High Line Open Studio Preview Reception at the Rogue Space this Tuesday October 6th I think it is from 6 - 9

I am very excited as the painting on the right is mine. It is new for me and I love it but it is a little scary because there is always the possibility that I am crazy and it is shit. I am just kidding, a little. I love the painting and stand behind it totally. I'd like to see someone else try to make it. How's that.

By the way, I was about to not have a painting in this one day event which is a kick-off for the Studio Tour as I am not in the city and it would have been difficult. I am not lazy mind you but it would not have happened without the help and push of Randi Goldsmith and John. They both made he see that is was worth it and convinced me to let someone help me (meaning Randi) who took the painting back to the city on the Jitney and delivered it for me. Saying that she was honored to do it. Have you ever heard of such generosity? She would no doubt say that it was nothing but it was not nothing it was a beautiful gesture and I was totally touched by this. This is Randi Goldsmith's site, she happens to be making my life and the life of John McGovern go a little smoother in the PR department.
Randi was responsible for getting me on the page. WARNING. Do not click on the close-up image I look pretty old and scary. The full figure shot is much more friendly and better lighting thank you very much.

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