Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello. Gene Tierney, read on.

Last night was the reception for The High Line Open studios 09 Tour and it was a great night. I met Kevin O'Hanlon the guy who took over and made the tour happen. What a great committed no nonsense kind of guy. He put together a very nice group show. James Kennedy had a beautiful horizontal piece, see bottom left. , his new site, and he is featured in The Independent an East Hampton paper with an image of his show with Bob Bachler at Surface Library opening this Friday October 16, 2009

The image on the top left is my painting installed next to the artist Ultra Violet. UV's piece is very contravasercial (as my favorite actor from Mad TV, Bobby Lee once said, in character as a stupid MTV chick.) and provocative making a statement about violence against women with guns and the male genitalia. There was some text which I am embarrassed to say I glazed over. I will look into this provocative artist sometime soon I just feel overwhelmed with preparations right now. I am in the country, drove out with a friends van, packing up a shit load of paintings, loading up and driving back to the city tomorrow to unload more work than can possibly fit in my apartment but I will deal with that tomorrow.

More importantly, I re-connected with two old friends today, Mike and David a couple now living in the UK. They informed me that they were not listed on the "collections" page of my site. What an oversight, they bought a few paintings from me back around 2001 when I had a huge studio sale. They are visiting NY and going to two weddings this weekend. two couple of the male gender in Conn. One of the grooms is the nephew of Gene Tierney the Hollywood screen goddess of "Laura" fame. My mother will be very moved. I new that long ago but for some reason it really excited me hearing it again. She was amazing.

So tonight I will continue wrapping up my work hit the hay and wake up early and start all over a gain. There's a song in there somewhere. OK not a great song but a song.

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