Monday, September 14, 2009

took some action

Hello. My site has been updated with hi-res images. Here are two installation views. click on image to enlarge

So here we are Monday. A very full one ending in the studio making some new paintings. A friend also a painter decided that this was the moment to make a co-lab piece. I did have some input and ultimately He made a good decision. I of course have to have the last word but will keep the feeling one hundred percent.

Wow very happy that I have been able to be consistent and post a little more regularly. Spoken like a true addict, you can hear the guilt in the background. So the very abstract larger works are by Sydney Butchkes. More info on Sydney can be obtained from

I have a great photo of Sydney and myself on my homepage. We met the night of my reception and I was very happily surprised that He was able to attend. As a matter-of-fact that night is a night that I should think about and write about as I did not have the foresight to hire a photographer. Going forward that is not a luxury that must be figured into the plan......Jamie Drake came toward the end of the evening looking great in light summer colors that look great on him, good looking tan on a really sweet guy. Many locals turned up for the reception, there was a steady flow of people that I did not recognise in addition to the many close friends and acquaintances that showed up...the wine poured. There was quite a bit of chic young action walking through my show. A Designer / Potter couple that I met that night. And I was told other Designers as well. The place was crawling with them. Again, regrettably I did not get names so every ones anonymity is safe with me. Did I mention that no one really took pictures.^* bad? $%^* #$& !*&(?

Wow I'm loving the blogesphere. Did I spell that right? That's *&%)($ %^.

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