Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Updated June 3, 2009. Proceed with caution this is one of my gayest posts. I'm more than a little embarrassed.

Fancy Me thought I had my degree in love.
I'd defy anyone who claimed that I didn't control whatever moved in my soul.
I could touch... These are words (I think they are right) from "The Boss" sung by Diana Ross, that song like many of her hits touched me as a gay male in the, I guess eighties. She was the boss period. So fabulous then and now!

Hello. So here we are Tuesday and tonight I have plans to go to a theatrical benefit for inner city school kids and all I want to do is stay home. It is probably one of the better organizations in the city I'm just a bitter old want to stay at home and do my thing kind of (shut-in) guy...

Today was an amazing day although I've been in all day. I've made some progress in the packing and planning and can't wait to be in one place for a few months to concentrate on work. I am so happy that I have dove into painting yesterday and with such pleasing powerful results personally speaking.

I'm waiting to hear if I am playing tennis this afternoon. My serve is getting better with some practice and that improves the game tremendously. I've neglected to serve which was easy because we usually just rally when we practice. We now try to make a point of playing a few games when we practice. So much fun!!!

I've been posting Joan Mitchell on my site as you may have noticed. I've only seen a few of her canvases in person on different occasions. There is s splendid Sunflower painting in the Tate Modern. I've seen a couple at Cheim & Read Gallery and then reproduced. Anyway, I am going to stop posting her as I've discovered that there are many who post her on their blogs and I thought I was original. This way if I don't post and I google carefully I won't see how many fans there are and the discovery will be all mine. I am not that pathetic but it was a little annoying to see all the copycats. Alright I am pathetic and I do not like to share some things. Pretty much anything that I love. With that I'll sign off and hopefully change over-night.

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