Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9, 2009

Hello. It's been a while and I've been very distracted with life and getting settled in my studio so little time to think about blogging. Big mistake I know. Anyway, here I am and all is well. I have been painting quite a bit on a large canvas that I started last fall and never resolved. Good news is that it is going really well. It is one of those canvases that clearly teaches me something. I guess you could say that every painting is a learning experience but some are much more so. I decided that I would not start anything without finishing this particular picture. I sound like a broken record as I feel it is all I talk about. Anyway I guess I have a case of the self-absorbed artist. Let's hear it for the self-absorbed!

I've finally had contact with my cousin and have plans to see them tomorrow at 1:00. It will be nice as I leave town the following morning and will not be back in the city for a while.

I am preparing some large canvases for my next group of paintings. Hopefully they will be in my show in September. I am still trying to channel the spirit of Joan Mitchell, shown above, in my new work but not sure how that will translate. I guess that is the exciting part. The painting that I am finishing up is 84"x64" and is totally representational, a patch of grass, so I need to get away from that thinking with the new work.

Tonight we are having dinner with two of John's friends who are very sane and after last weekends company I am very happy. They are a couple that got married last year, John and I attended the weekend long wedding. It was close to the end of my Dad's life and a very emotional time I remember.

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  1. The painting looks nice, and has sweet enchanting colors used in it. The light in the painting is soft and soothing.