Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday April 15, 2009 I want to make a pact with the devil for eternal youth, taking it back a few years of course.

Hello. I've sent out some mass email announcements regarding my profile and I have gotten some wonderful posts on the site. People are wonderful. This is the link, GO LIZA, GO LIZA, GO LIZA

Check me out. I've also sent to my list of Interior Designers as I have in the past. Of the three different announcements I've sent to my list of Designers I've received one response. Imagine that. One response. Oh well, that won't keep me down.

I'm getting my apartment together for a guest that will stay for four days. It looks great and it feels good having it clean. I hope to do some work on my group of paintings - plans for an installation that I am submitting to a friend. Sounds mysterious.

I love Gov. Paterson. As a gay man he is my hero.

So here I sit sober as the day is long and for what I ask you?? I never wanted to enter the priesthood. OK seriously though seeing young people can in a weak state of mind make me long for my youth. I realize that this thinking is a waste of time and I am very lucky to be healthy although decaying by the minute. UGHHH. Is that how you spell UUGHhh? Spellcheck doesn't know so why should I? Oh well. I need a picture.

This image is an RL form 2007. It is the most decorative that I own and a personal favorite. Later.

Listened to Terry Gross interview Drew Barrymore yesterday. She is amazing and the voice is so cute. she is humble and loves being an actress. Love you Drew. Love you too Mark Drew. Mark Drew is my straight boyfriend. We go way back and I love that guy. We live in different states right now and have very little contact but I know one day we will hang out. I look forward to that day.

I realize rereading this post what a contradiction I am. At least I know it and I really don't see any change in my future. CRAZY.

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